KOLEO the Space Rover

KOLEO is an exploration rover with a touch of insectoid (coleoptera) ready for explore all planets.
Everything is articulated, the solar panels can move downwards or upwards to always be oriented towards the sun. The front arm (the proboscis) has a 360° rotation axis, it can destroy the rock, grab it and suck it up to analyze it. The two gyroscopes carry numerous measuring tools, all articulated separately and an infrared camera. The 6-wheel drive can move independently of each other, up and down, allowing the rover to overcome all obstacles on Mars, Moon and all other planets !

Created in real bricks, 150 pieces, for the Lego Ideas contest https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/3a0cb2a7-395f-400c-8e0b-c3428041a8fe/application/7d34dcc4-fab7-4182-ae2f-e33160a995ad